Jess Keller

I am the proud Mama to 4 year old Emma, 2 year old Robbie, and Baby Tommy. We have been taking Stroller Strides classes since May of 2014. I loved the classes and the Fit4Mom village so much I became a certified Fit4Baby and Stroller Strides instructor in September of 2015.

In my first weeks of being a full time Stay at Home Mom, I was struggling! We moved from out of state so I knew no one, didn’t know the area and was feeling pretty stressed. I started taking multiple stroller walks just to fill the day. Then one day we saw a gaggle of women run by our house with their strollers and out of desperation I yelled “who are you?!?!” and one of the moms yelled back “We’re Stroller Strides!". We went to class the next day and I was hooked! I found a group of incredible women - Moms - who always understood why I was late - didn’t care when my kids acted like kids - and were dedicated to being healthy! Stroller Strides gave me the foundation to start running, to work on my family’s overall health, and a vast network of moms to turn to for support. Initially, i signed up to get a good workout and fill our days with an activity. But I stuck with Stroller Strides because I not only saw real improvement to my health and fitness, but because I was part of a village that helped me be a better mom. (And the Moms’ Nights Out didn’t hurt either! )

I love teaching and working with moms to achieve fitness goals and to support moms in all that they do on a day to day basis. Celebrating successes with Our Village are some of my favorite moments each week! From new moms who make it through their first class - to moms completing their first race -to babies sleeping through the night for the first time - we get to share in it all! And that’s what I love most about Fit4Mom Ashburn!

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