April Mom of the Month: Meet Cathy!

We are so happy to introduce our April Mom of the Month, Cathy Fernstrom! She and her adorable daughter Mabel joined us almost a year ago and have been such a fun addition to Our Village! Let's learn a little more about Cathy!

1. Where are you from originally?

Cleveland, Ohio

2. What is your favorite thing about Stroller Strides?

Being able to work out and not have to worry about providing daycare for that time.

3. What do you remember about your first Stroller Strides class?

I was pleasantly surprised how challenging it was.

4. What motivates you to exercise?

I want to live a long life to be there for my daughter.

5. What is your favorite part about being a mom?

Seeing Mabel happy.

6. What is your favorite thing to do when your little one is napping?

Catch up on DVR.

7. What is your favorite thing to do as a family?


8. What is something about you that someone may not know?

I am a major worry wort.

9. What is your favorite healthy and unhealthy food?

Favorite healthy food: Salad. favorite unhealthy food: Justine's peanut butter cups.

10. What is your favorite color?


11. If you had an all-expenses paid trip anywhere you wanted, where would you go and who would you take with you?

I would take my family on a European tour.

12. What is your favorite song or who is your favorite artist?

Anything Nirvana.

13. What TV shows are you currently watching?

Walking Dead, the Goldbergs, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

14. Any advice for other moms out there?

We are all better moms than we think we are.

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