"My journey through motherhood at age 39 and my goal to keep up with my energetic child!"

If you know me really well, you know that on an average day my patience level is about a 5 out of 10. But, one week, I hit an all-time low, which was exacerbated by a crying, whining dark-haired, doe-eyed little girl who happens to be my daughter. And probably hormones too.

But, by Friday of that week, it took everything for me to keep myself from screaming at the top of my lungs (I did yell a few times). I found myself taking deep breaths, counting to 4 million, and really trying to ignore the fact that every time I tried to do something with my daughter, she tried to do the opposite (i.e., get her dressed, change her diaper, get her to brush her teeth, put on shoes, etc.).

So, when I got to Stroller Strides that morning, I was upset, to say the least. I saw my friend, Stacee, who immediately asked me what was wrong, and that's when I started crying. I felt silly. But she gave me a big hug, squeezed tight, and let me know that everything would be fine. And it was. I just had to breathe. And, I just had to see my pals at Stroller Strides to know I'm not alone.

Of course, the workout was fun (we were in the Corn Maze at Great Country Farms!), but the companionship was even better. I enjoy my workouts. They are important to me. But I really enjoy the laughter and eye-rolling and complaining and hugs and teasing and the affection we show each other because we're all in the same boat.

Before Child, you would have never seen me getting upset or crying in public. After Child it happens probably too often. I've come to learn that it's okay. It's okay to breathe, to wonder out loud if my kid hates me, or if I'm screwing her up because I revealed my angry face. It's okay to throw up my hands and laugh at all of this too, because that's what so many of the moms at Stroller Strides have taught me.

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