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Be the 30%!

"70% of people who start a fitness plan quit."

That percentage is HIGH. It means those who quit fall into the majority and make that statistic true.

Here's our optimistic (minority) take on the above quote - "30% of people who start a fitness plan continue to achieve, and surpass, their goals."

So which one are you - the majority or the minority?

To be in the minority, here is what we recommend:

1. Leave your excuses at the door. Life is full of excuses. It's up to you to determine what is a legitimate excuse vs. a real reason as to why you can't make it to class.

2. Set a routine for yourself and yes, that means you've got to make it work for the kiddos, too.

3. Find an accountability buddy, someone who is going to check in with you and someone you'll check in with to ensure you're on the right track. Not just ANY buddy will do, though. Find another mama who has fitness goals and workout interests that are similar to your own. You can join classes together and motivate one another before, during and after.

4. Take a trial class. This links nicely with #2. You want to make sure whatever you are committing to is something you LIKE and something your kids are okay with as well. If your kiddos don't like the gym daycare, guess what? It's going to make it that much harder to get there!

5. Pay for a service. Free programs are great, but people tend to put more value on and commit to things they actually pay for. (When was the last time you it up the free C25K program happening in your neighborhood or popped in the P90X DVD you got off of the reuse/recycle resale site for $10?)

6. Don't expect change overnight. If you're making a lifestyle change, give yourself - and your body - time.

7. Reward yourself. This is somewhat unrelated, but when I was student teaching in Buffalo, NY, every Friday morning - at the end of a very long (but rewarding!) week spent with a bunch of kindergartners, I'd buy myself a (big!) coffee from Dunkin Donuts. It was "my" weekly reward and I loved it!

Attended class 3x/week? Treat yourself to a smoothie (we know, this means you'll probably have to buy one for your kiddos, too!). Buy yourself a new pair of workout pants. Enjoy a fancy schmancy latte with NO GUILT!

You can do this. Join me in the 30% - let's attack 2015 together, mamas!

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