Being "Pinteresting" and Not Failing!

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Oh Pinterest, I have a love-hate relationship with you! I feel like my house should look like something out of design magazine with seasonal decorations, banners, and so many other cute things. The pinnacle of my love-hate relationship with Pinterest is kids' birthday parties. I can't pull off a birthday party that looks like it was professionally decorated and planned. But what I can do are some really simple things to make it look like I did.

My oldest's 3rd birthday party was dinosaur themed. Here is what I did to make it "Pinteresting:"


We had lots of toy dinosaurs at the house. So I took Clorox wipes and wiped them down to clean them off since I was putting them near food.

I took some plain green cards, folded them in half, and put some foam dinosaur stickers on them. I gave the food some dinosaur themed names:

-Veggie Tray was an Herbivore Buffet

-Pistachio Nuts were Dinosaur eggs

-Salad with Pomegranates was Herbivore Delight


I purchased a plastic dinosaur table cloth from a party store.

All in all it wasn't time intensive and it was really easy to put together. It was a creative way to set up the table with out spending hours making decorations or place cards.


Here are some photos from my oldest's party last year when he turned 4. I was 38 weeks pregnant with Tiny Human want to talk about not having the energy for a birthday party. At any rate... my oldest's birthday is actually in December but I was due early November and having a bunch of kids at my house during cold and flu season with a newborn didn't sound like a good idea to me. So we had his party the week before Halloween. We had a Halloween Star Wars birthday party.


I busted out my Halloween decorations and put those up in the house. I purchased a cake from Wegmans (side note: Wegmans has really delicious cake) and had them air brush it black with yellow lettering because the credits to Star Wars is black and yellow. (I only know this because I have seen episodes 4, 5, & 6 10 times each in the past year). My husband had some Star Wars Lego mini figures that we stuck on the cake.

We did balloons with clear stickers on them. So I printed out sheets with Darth Vader, R2D2, Yoda, rebel symbol, empire symbol and stuck them on white and green balloons. The green balloons were for Yoda. I also put them on our windows to mock stained glass.

Here are some clear labels you can use:

Round Labels


Enjoy your kids birthday and don't feel like you have to get wrapped up into the theme. It's stressful enough being a parent on a day to day basis. Add having to get your house ready for a birthday party and then decorating for said party is pretty stressful. Keep it simple. Your kid is going to have a good time because their friends are coming over and there is cake!

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