Body Back® Testimonial (FIT4MOM Ashburn)

Being a new mom to a 6-month-old I was tired and looking to get back into shape. I knew I needed a program that held me accountable and allowed me to focus on myself uninterrupted for a few hours a week. I saw the Body Back® program pop up on a Facebook feed and thought... this is exactly what I need! The Body Back® program is more than just an exercise program. Aside from the intense workouts, you're given the tools to help you make the best choices while at home and on the go. The instructor helped keep me motivated by pushing me further than I thought I could, and always took to the time to answer any questions. The other ladies in the group, along with the instructors, encourage you during the entire process.

After completing the first session of Body Back®, I not only lost several pounds and inches, but felt healthier and STRONGER! Who knew you could actually learn to LIKE burpees?! I knew if I felt this good about myself after only 8 weeks, imagine how I'd feel after two sessions!? I signed up for the next session to build on my success, and utilize all the tools that were provided to me. At the end of the second session, I feel great about myself, have more energy, and made new friends - all while having fun! If you're serious about getting back into shape, and are looking for a fun, motivating, intense program, Body Back® is great!

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