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Chilly Days with a Toddler

Have you been stuck inside with your kiddos (when you're not at Stroller Strides®, of course!) on these chilly days?

I have. And I've been figuring out ways to keep my 2-year old busy and happy... and I was inspired by Creigh-ations, a local artist who always posts such great & crafty ideas for little ones to do at home!

As a former preschool teacher, I was also reminded of a super easy playdough/playdoh (however you prefer to spell it) recipe that was a hit with the kiddos. Not only will they enjoy playing with it, but they'll enjoy making it, too!

This playdough uses a packet of kool-aid and other ingredients you will have in your kitchen (but if you don't have Cream of Tartar, you'll want to get some!)

CLICK HERE to be taken to the Kool-Aid Play Dough recipe via Kraft Recipes.

*While I'm NOT a cook and wouldn't even think about messing with a food recipe, here are my suggestions for this recipe:

1. Mix all of the DRY ingredients together first. It's not even necessary to mix them if you don't want, just put them in the same bowl. This can be fun for your kiddos to help with, if you have patience, time, and enjoy cleaning up...

2. Boil the water and then add, along with the oil, to the mixture.

3. If you boil the water, make sure your kiddos aren't helping to mix. I usually have to put down the spoon and use my hands and it's hotsy totsy, so be careful.

Additional "Play Time" Suggestions:

- Roll cars through the dough to make tracks

- Add glitter to the mixture

- Give your kiddos measuring cups, spoons and other kid-friendly utensils to play with

- Use cookie cutters

- Have fun with plastic animals in the dough - see what kind of footprints they have!

- Have a theme! Add cupcake liners to make "cupcakes" or materials to make "snow people" on a snowy day!

There are many benefits to playing with playdough. Not only is it fun to explore, this type of play is great for your little ones' fine-motor skills!! Enjoy!

**As always, make sure you supervise your children while playing!

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