Do More of What Makes You Happy

How are your New Year's Resolutions going? Did they stick?

Some days (for me) are better than others. I made a NYR to myself that I'd like to do more "crafting." Turns out, I'm way better at pinning the crafts than actually doing them. Can you say #pinterestfail?

I also made a promise that we, as a family, would eat healthier and that I'd use a sugar substitute when I bake. I purchased Splenda and have yet to use it. (Does anybody need a cup of sugar?!)

If I make a NYR to make a better NYR for 2015, does that count? Probably not.

So instead of driving myself crazy with all of the ways I'm not keeping my resolutions, I figured that if I take a step back from my NYR and simply Do More of What Makes Me Happy, I'll be much better off.

I'm going to keep pinning. It makes me happy.

I'm going to make plans and find recipes to bake healthy goods and if I never get around to it, that's okay. I'm probably doing other things that make me happy.

Go ahead. Do what makes you happy, too.

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