FAQ - "What if my little one is fussy?"

Stroller Strides® classes are fun for baby. At least, that’s one of the most important parts of the fitness program. The mommy-baby interaction, the little giggles, the drooly smiles – at Stroller Strides® & as moms, we live for those moments. But, sometimes, even the happiest of little ones have a hard time during our Stroller Strides® class and that is OK.

Take, for instance, my child. My spirited little redhead with her curly locks, big blue eyes and toothy smile. She’s just figured out that walking on two feet is the most AH-MAH-ZING thing ever, so the idea of “relaxing” in her stroller for an hour in the morning isn’t always that appealing.

However, I do what I can to make class great for the both of us. I bring snacks. I share my water bottle with her (apparently my adult water bottle is way better than her sippy cup), even when I know all she’s going to do is chew on the mouthpiece, turn it upside down, get soaked and her diaper will blow up like an inflatable tube. I attach 5,789 toys to every clip, strap and hook I can. I read up on ways to cool her down, get her comfy, & position her safely for the ride. I put an extra of EVERYTHING (Well, usually – maybe not today. Or yesterday. But I should.) in the bottom of my stroller (clothes, diapers, wipes, sunscreen, books) – almost loaded to the point where you might even think I am a contestant on “Supermarket Sweep.”

I also rely a little bit on the class instructor (when it’s not me, I rely on Shelby). Just a little. I look (sometimes pray) for bubbles. I listen for the words to the songs that I know, or that at the very least sound familiar and sing along. Loudly (and VERY off key, I should add). I might be sitting against a wall (thighs on fire), clapping my hands, playing peek-a-boo and hoping that a new face coming by to smile in at my little one will get her out of her funk.

Sometimes, there are even real tears. Big ones. Other times, there are loud screams. Unhappy screams. Screams that only another mother would understand.

But MOST of the time, there are fabulous grins. Smiles, giggles, little hands clapping in the stroller and big eyes looking at ME. ME. I get those precious moments all to myself. Those laughs and the twinkling eyes – I made them happen and I get to enjoy them.

And that is why I love Stroller Strides®. Even if we have a middle of class meltdown or a few minutes where I can’t buckle Julia in - because she’s decided to arch her back & simultaneously turn herself into a limp noodle – (soooo not fun), I also know that there will be smiles and laughs along the way.

So if you’re nervous about how your little one will do in the stroller for the hour, I encourage you to try. Know that many of our Stroller Strides® mamas have been there, at one time or another, too. Once class becomes part of your routine, you’ll find that your little one starts to adapt to the time spent at class and really enjoy it!

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