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Inside/Outside Weather!!

With all of the snow (and ice...) we've had here in Northern Virginia this winter, many of us are itching to head outside for class (myself included!)

... and with the excitement of the beautiful weather this week, we skipped a step in letting some of our newest mamas know about weather policy and other important tidbits! (This information can also be found on our website and in your new account welcome letter, but this is just a friendly reminder!) Please read the following information as we play the Indoor/Outdoor Shuffle while transitioning to summer weather:

1. Classes held outside - at ALL locations - are traveling classes. This means that getting to class on time is super important because after warm-up, we take off! Our warm-up is not only used as a time to get our bodies ready for class but a time to get to know the other moms and connect. We know that YOUR time is precious so we make every effort to start our classes on time.

2. Always enroll for class on Front Desk. Another super important step... ESPECIALLY for our Saturday classes! At this time, we do not have an outdoor location in Sterling and our Village at Leesburg classes start right near where our indoor location there is (next to Under the Olive Tree), so as long as you're there for warm-up, you're good to go!

However, our Saturday morning outdoor classes are held in a completely different spot! These are held at Hillside Park in the Broadlands area of Ashburn - this location is a few miles from NOVA Capoeira studio and whether or not class will be held outside is up to your instructor's discretion. Once you've enrolled for class on Front Desk, you'll receive an email (no later than 1 hour prior to class beginning) as to where class will be held. We will also post location updates on Facebook.

3. Running late? Give me a call at 607.423.6838 and I'll track down your instructor for you so you can meet up with the mamas when class is held outside.

4. Dress for the weather! Springtime mornings are cool but your body will heat up quickly so wear layers and bring whatever your kiddos need to maintain a comfortable temperature in the stroller. This might mean an extra blanket, hat, and, dare I say, even sunscreen.

Thank you all for your flexibility as we transition to warmer weather! We are looking forward to enjoying the outdoors!

**If you have ANY concerns or questions, I ask that you call me or email me directly as soon as possible. I will be on maternity leave (as much as I can be) once this kiddo is born but will be happy to speak to you through a sleep-deprived haze!

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