Instructor Spotlight: Jessica Siemer

This month we are shining the spotlight on one of our Stroller Strides instructors - Jessica Siemer - to get to know her a little bit better! She is a great instructor and we love having her on our team!

1. Who are the members of your family?

I am married to Tim and a mom to Ian (2 years old) and Anastasia (3 months old).

2. Where do you typically teach?

Village at Leesburg

3. Tell us your story about how/why you became an instructor for FIT4MOM Ashburn.

Before I had my son, I was very active and in the best shape of my adult life. Once I had him, I was struggling to find a way to workout with my son. He didn't do well in the gym daycare, so when I found FIT4MOM, I decided to give it a try. I only had to attend a few classes to know it was a good fit. We were away all summer at which point I decided I wanted to pursue my personal trainer certification-more for my own betterment than anything else. I completed that program in the fall of 2016. When I returned to the area, I talked to Christina about becoming an instructor. It was an easy transition for me as I knew I wanted to share my enthusiasm for fitness with other mothers in hopes of having an impact on their fitness journey through motherhood.

4. What is your favorite thing to teach?

I love strength training, so figuring out ways to use the bands to develop strength.

5. What is the BEST thing about being an instructor?

It's so hard to pick the best thing as FIT4MOM Ashburn offers so much all around. I think sharing my love of fitness with other moms while spending time with my own children is at the top of the list. I also love seeing all of the kids grow up together!

6. What is your WHY? Why do you keep doing what you do?

I want to stay healthy and active, especially through the challenges of motherhood. I keep going, even on the hard days, because I want to set a good example for my kids to leave happy healthy lives. I'm just starting to see my son mimic my exercises and its so fun!!

7. What is a fun fact that many may not know about you?

I went to the US Air Force Academy for college and then served 5 years in the Air Force. During that time I traveled to Africa, Europe, and Guam.

8. Anything else you’d like Our Village to know?

I'm so honored to be a part of Our Village and get to play a role in helping every mom be healthy and set an example for their kids! Each of you inspire me every day!

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