January Mom of the Month: Meet Sydney!

This month’s Mom of the Month is Sydney Martenis! A mom to sweet Madelyn, our instructors described her as someone "who uses her hour to the fullest and sweats with a smile." They added, "she has a way of instantly brightening your day!"

We are so happy to have her in Our Village! Thanks for sharing a little more about yourself on the blog this week, Sydney!

1. Where are you from originally?

I am (mostly) from San Diego, California--my dad was in the Navy so we moved around quite a bit. But I was born there and spent my high school years there, which was pretty great.

2. What is your favorite thing about Stroller Strides?

I love the community--both in respects to having fun, having motivating people to work out with, and seeing other moms on a regular basis.

3. What do you remember about your first Stroller Strides class?

I vividly remember not being able to do a burpee and being generally intimidated.

4. What motivates you to exercise?

I like to eat oatmeal cookies for breakfast...so, there is that.

5. What is your favorite part about being a mom?

Having a partner in crime to do fun things with, like eat cookies for breakfast, trips to Target, throw toddler parties and do Stroller Strides! Plus, making Madelyn laugh is super fun.

6. What is your favorite thing to do when your little one is napping?

I am a graphic designer so nap times are reserved for phone calls and attempting to finish projects. Though I can usually sneak in a podcast or tv show during this time so that makes it extra good!

7. What is your favorite thing to do as a family?

We like to explore new places--museums, hiking trails, restaurants, festivals, whatever we can find going on in the area!

8. What is something about you that someone may not know?

I met my husband when I moved to Germany. I lived there for a little over 2 years and I am sad to say I can only order kaffee in German.

9. What is your favorite healthy and unhealthy food?

I am currently obsessed with sweet potato noodles and have been experimenting with those recipes, this is what I am making tonight:http://pinchofyum.com/sweet-potato-noodles

For unhealthy, pizza and wine are my true loves.

10. What is your favorite color?

I normally say green to sound classy and sophisticated but let's face it--all pink, all the time.

11. If you had an all-expenses paid trip anywhere you wanted, where would you go and who would you take with you?

We had planned a trip to Costa Rica last year that had to be cancelled (dang it Zika!) so I would go on that trip, stay at the best resorts and extend the trip by 3 weeks!

12. What is your favorite song or who is your favorite artist?

Oldies from the 50s and 60s are constantly playing in my house and right now Madelyn and I are enjoying "Ain't No Mountain High Enough."

13. What TV shows are you currently watching?

My husband finally got me to watch Game of Thrones, which definitely sucked me in, but normally I am more of a Gilmore Girls fan.

14. Any advice for other moms out there?

My goal for this year is not to compare myself to other moms so much, which can be so difficult when we see everyone's beautifully curated Instagram feed and fun Facebook posts. It is nice to remember that everyone has their struggles and their talents and that is what makes our kids and us unique!

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