"MomME" Time with Apple & Pear Wardrobe Design

I love the story my cousin tells of her husband’s (sometimes) less than stellar gift-giving ability prior to their marriage. During their relationship beginnings, my cousin received an “interesting” necklace from her now-husband. It most likely wasn’t her style or taste and didn’t perhaps match what she had envisioned. Not wanting to upset or offend him, she thanked her then-BF and said, “Oh, it’s such a shame I don’t have the right earrings to go with it.”

Never fear, though. Her BF was (and still is) pretty clever and he had a solution. He went out and had earrings MADE to go WITH the necklace. Her excuse now? Well… she didn’t have one and she had to fess up that ya’ know… she just didn’t LIKE the necklace to begin with.

I know, I know – some of you may say that it’s nice to receive any gift in the first place. BUT… sometimes it’s also nice to receive something that you REALLY want…

… which is why I asked my husband for a very specific Mother’s Day gift this year.

Jennifer Mackey Mary of Apple & Pear Wardrobe Design is a local fashionista (and flatterista) who helps women look and feel great with the right education, clothes and accessories. In May, she was offering a Mother's Day Style Package Special (both closet editing & personal guided shopping) for a deal that I just couldn’t pass up… (or couldn’t resist asking my hubby for, as a Mother’s Day gift, of course!)

Since going from first grade teacher to a working part-time/full-time SAHM, I quickly realized that the clothes I wore to school didn’t fit the lifestyle I had now. Morning Stroller Strides® classes, afternoon playdates and grocery store trips that include a very spirited 18-month old didn’t lend themselves well to my “teacher clothes.” (I was definitely the “closet full of clothes but nothing to wear” client.)

Plus, the idea of getting time just for ME (yes, that MomME Time, ladies!) was pretty enticing.

During Jennifer’s closet edit visit, I tried on every. single. item in my closet… with the exception of my wedding gown, one-shoulder 80’s dress reserved for Legwarmers concerts only, and workout gear (my FIT4MOM tees are staying put!)

I found out that my body shape is an “hour-tangle” which sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? I also know that I’m a “summer” and should stick to cool colors (i.e. blue) to complement my skin tone and hair color. (I’m a brunette in disguise, but Jennifer assured me that it was okay, I’m still a “summer.”)

I also found out that I have an amazing pair of jeans (circa 2005) but it doesn’t matter, they’re still amazing and I’ll probably wear them to brunch every time someone asks me out for mimosas in the future! (I am available this Sunday, by the way…)

With every outfit creation, Jennifer asked me where I might wear it. My most common response was “brunch” if only because I want to look put together without looking overly done and brunch is a great place to do just that, don’t you think?!

Jennifer made a list of things that we would shop for during our “Guided Shopping Trip.” She wrote down specific colors, styles and anything that would help us on our excursion. We sorted clothes by items that needed to be hemmed/tailored, donated, kept or sold to Twice/ThredUp. (The piles were slightly reminiscent of Hoarders but on a much smaller scale.) By the end of the three hours (which flew, by the way), I felt like I had an entirely new wardrobe (which I don’t – but I see everything with a new set of eyes).

I can’t thank Jennifer enough for all that she did for me during the Closet Edit. It was undeniably one of the greatest things I could have ever done for myself (or… had my husband do for me… you know what I mean!)

While I truly believe it is what is on the inside that counts the most, it’s also nice to look as good as you feel. I know that most of the time I’m holding hands with/carrying/chasing after my blue-eyed, curly red-headed kiddo, but now I can do all those things in outfits (when I’m not at class) that fit my lifestyle.

So if you hear me talking about brunch, making plans for brunch, and telling you that your outfit is a great “brunch” outfit… it’s only because a lot of my clothes are 100% brunch acceptable and when I’m not at Stroller Strides®, I’ll most likely be at brunch.

Apple & Pear Wardrobe Design Giveaway!!

Our lovely friend & local fashionista Jennifer of Apple and Pear Wardrobe Design is giving away a "Wine and Cheese Wardrobe Party" for you and up to 10 guests! This party is valued at $350+ and includes the following:

1) How to dress your body type

2) How to build a fabulous, functional wardrobe &

3) How to accessorize like a pro

Everyone in attendance gets a mini color consultation, too! To make your job as a hostess a breeze, Jennifer will even bring the wine and cheese!

Here are the parameters: You must live within 20 miles of zip 20152, and the party has to take place before September 30, 2014. To enter, make sure you’ve liked both Fit4Mom Ashburn and Apple & Pear Wardrobe Design on Facebook, then head on over to the FIT4MOM Ashburn FB page and comment on one of the GIVEAWAY threads with your favorite wine: white or red!

We're choosing a winner on Wednesday, July 16th!!

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