She's Not My Grandma - 10 Months Ago

"My journey through motherhood at age 39 and my goal to keep up with my energetic child!"

My baby was 3 months old. I was doing my best to lose the 40 lbs., I gained during pregnancy. And I was struggling at my new job as stay-at-home Mom.

At age 39, I became a Mom. After 10 years as a prosecutor in the City of Alexandria, I decided to hang up my stylish suits, turn in my badge (yes, we had badges...gold shields!!) and do the thing I was most terrified of doing: staying at home with a baby who didn't seem to be too happy to see me at any time of day.

Not only was I trying to get my baby to like me (or at least to stop crying and maybe take a nap), but I was also trying to navigate my way through a new house/neighborhood/town/life. I never felt so isolated as I did back then.

Exercise had always been my outlet, so I began walking and using a nearby tot lot to do exercises every chance I got. Since my no-napper baby had other ideas, I took her for hour-long walks to induce naps a couple of times a day. This was wonderful, but lonely. And, it certainly wasn't going to help me fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes! All of that changed, however, when one of my friends told me about Stroller Strides.

I was skeptical at first because my fitness regimen consisted of running - many, many miles. And when I could no longer run through injuries, I cycled - many, many miles. I truly thought the only way I would lose the rest of the weight was if I could start running or cycling again. But when would I find the time considering my baby nursed every 1-1/2 to 2 hours?? So I tried Stroller Strides, with very little expectation. It wasn't nearby, but the travel time meant the baby would likely nap.

My first class was indoors because the heat index was too high that day. My expectations dropped even lower. After an hour though, I was sopping wet with sweat, I was tired, and my baby was very quiet. Not only did I exercise harder than I had in a long time, but I used that time to ask the questions that every new mom is afraid to ask. I left class that day feeling energized and grateful. And I left knowing I found exactly what I needed to keep me inspired, connected and sane.

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