She's Not My Grandma - More Than Just Exercise

"My journey through motherhood at age 39 and my goal to keep up with my energetic child!"

When I first began Stroller Strides almost a year ago, it was primarily about getting the exercise my body craved. Soon, I found myself looking forward to seeing some of the same moms whose children were older; I took advantage of all the free advice I could get. But, I hadn't made the kinds of friendships I was hoping. Yet.

Five months after starting Ashburn Stroller Strides, I feel I have made some good friends. There are so many opportunities to meet outside of exercise class, which is wonderful. I am an introvert. While I talk a lot during class and try to be energetic and outgoing when I teach class, I have to work hard to have casual conversations.

The other night, I had dinner and drinks with a few ladies to help send off one of our mamas who is moving out of state. I left that evening with a sore belly from laughing so hard, and a bit of sadness because I really like the mama who is moving out of state. She's a breath of fresh air! But, most importantly, I went home feeling very fortunate that I am part of something that's bigger than just a workout. I am part of a group of women who are awesome ladies, moms and FRIENDS!

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