Stroller Strides While Pregnant - Yes, You Can!

Let me start out by saying that I didn’t realize the amount of energy required to take care of a toddler while growing another kiddo in your uterus.

It takes a lot.

I have a two year old. A spirited, red-headed two year old who doesn’t sit still for a moment. Once she started walking, she soon learned her feet could go even faster. Running turned into sprinting and her agility allows her to climb effortlessly onto bar stools in seconds. She’s basically a 2-foot ninja with some pretty stellar skills.

And let me tell you, the last thing this preggo lady wants is to have to take her 24-month gladiator to the ER for a broken nose, cracked head, chipped tooth, etc.

So I go to Stroller Strides.

I’m 7 months pregnant and due with #2 at the end of March. (Until he has a name, he’s been dubbed #2… sad, isn’t it?!) When I’m not teaching, I attend class as often as I can and that sometimes means I’m at class 6 times per week.

Aside from all of the social benefits FIT4MOM classes offer, there are plenty of benefits to exercising while pregnant and with a toddler to chase around, I need to do all I can to maintain the strength & energy needed to survive!

It wasn’t always easy for me to get up and head to class, especially during the first trimester. I was nauseous. I had to pee 857 times between the time I woke up and the time we left for class. Then I had to pee another 67 times before class started. I wanted to eat tons of meatballs covered in applesauce and watch reality TV on the couch. I’ll admit, sitting in my jammies in an air-conditioned living room was pretty tempting!

But I went to class. I wanted to be surrounded by my FIT4MOM family and knew I’d feel better after going. And I did. (And of course, I crashed hard during my little one’s nap time, too - drool and all. It was glorious.)

The 2nd trimester hit and I continued to attend classes, with modifications. Thankful to be able to take class at my own pace and be in the presence of instructors who genuinely care, I knew what my body was capable of doing.

So here I am. Rounding the home stretch & being so extremely grateful I didn’t stop working out when it got tougher.

Here’s the thing – while baby #2 has been growing, so has my toddler. She still needs me to lift her, chase her, & play with her. These are all things that require tons of energy, endurance and strength so maintaining an active pregnancy has been necessary to function.

I might not run in class these days. I may not be able to do abs on my back or do the best burpee and jumping jacks make me feel like I need to… you guessed it… pee, but I am doing something for me, my body, & my kids and that feels amazing.

Questions regarding exercise during pregnancy? Head on over to ACOG for additional information regarding prenatal exercise and then join us for class!

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