The Farm Table

My favorite time of year is certainly the fall. I love all of the outdoor activities available to families... and the idea of hitting up our local farmers' markets.

Yes, the IDEA of them. I love the thought of strolling through the tables, picking up my fresh produce and enjoying amazing meals every night of the week. Unfortunately, the idea never gets put into place and I haven't visited a single farmer's market this year. Not one.

I have plenty of excuses but my last and final is a great reason why I no longer need to worry about heading out early on a weekend (or weekday evening) to grab some great local produce.

The Farm Table.

The Farm Table offers busy families an option to enjoy fresh and local produce delivered right to their door and last month I was lucky enough to enjoy a trial box of goodies! (See photo above!)

We enjoyed some great meals throughout the week after receiving our box. Plus, we really enjoyed the apples as snacks and tomatoes and lettuce on sandwiches. Our first meal consisted of stuffed peppers with zucchini and mashed potatoes - amazing!

I have tried other local delivery services but none were quite as amazing as The Farm Table. The produce looked healthy and tasted phenomenal.

If interested in trying out The Farm Table, use the code "EATMOREVEGGIES" to save $15 on your membership fee.

Happy eating!

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