The Get Fit Challenge - Not Your Mama's Diet

This is YOUR time. The time is NOW.

We are starting a Get Fit Challenge on Saturday, August 1st.

What is it?

The Get Fit Challenge is a movement that will encourage you to step it up in all aspects of your fitness and health. This is a personal challenge although you will be part of a group. This is not a diet. This is not a short-term quick fix.

We are asking that...

... our Stroller Strides® and Body Back® moms step up their game at class. We understand that the name "Stroller Strides®" is a bit deceiving, however our classes are not a "walk in the park." Our moms work HARD. They sweat. They roll their eyeballs at our instructors. They wake up muscles they didn't know they had. And now we're asking them to work a little harder. Are you a power-walker? Go ahead and jog. Do you always push-up on your knees? Get off your knees for 5 push-ups. YOU CAN DO IT.

... you commit to drinking the appropriate amount of water every single day. Drink a minimum of 6-8, 8oz glasses a day. Need some tips? Click here.

... our moms make an effort to get in a good amount of sleep each night. We know how tough this may be, especially for those of you with newborns, toddlers, or a desire to stay up late and watch The Bachelorette (that'd be me!)

... you find an accountability partner. Someone who will push you to attend class even when you don't feel like going. Someone YOU will push when they don't feel like going. (This means you might need to INVITE someone to try out a class. Do it! New moms always receive one free class and if they sign up for a membership, you get $10!)

... commit to making healthier food choices. For some, this may mean a pantry overhaul. It might mean starting a food journal or finding healthier snacking options. If you need help in making these choices, our instructors are there to help. Stay tuned for more healthy eating tips and suggestions, ladies! You can always post a question in Our Village and you'll have an entire VILLAGE of help, too!

... you commit for at least 12 weeks.

We are NOT asking that you diet. We are NOT asking you to fuel your body with things that aren't foods. We are NOT asking you to make a short-term commitment.

What's the next step?

Create your account. Sign up for class. Online challenges are great motivators but we want to SEE YOU at Stroller Strides® or Body Back®.

This challenge starts August 1st. ENROLL NOW.

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