Things I Thought While Watching “The Bachelor” Tonight

Let me preface this by saying that FIT4MOM® is a huge part of my life, so it's not really a surprise that I think about it even while watching mindless TV.

1. Arlington, Iowa could use a FIT4MOM® program.

2. I wonder if there is a FIT4MOM® program there.

3. I’ll Google it.

4. I grew up in a really small (farm) town, too. (Population of Tully, NY – 2,738 in 2010)

5. Tully has one stop light.

6. Are there two now?

7. FIT4MOM® Des Moines is 3 hours away from Arlington.

8. I really like Whitney.

9. I wonder if the church would let someone hold Stroller Strides® classes there.

10. Corn crops. I’m used to those.

11. The smell of manure. No big deal.

12. If Chris’ future wife goes into labor, how far will they be from the nearest hospital?

13. Whitney’s job could take her anywhere. She could get a job at a local hospital.

14. I bet Whitney would like our Fit4Baby® program.

15. I love the country.

16. My hometown was about 30 minutes from the nearest “city.”

17. Christina does not like soy.

18. Whitney could hold classes on the farm.

19. I would like to take my husband to my old high school.

20. I wonder if I’ll ever go to his.

21. #4, #5, #6, #10, #11, #15, #16, #19 = I should’ve been on “The Bachelor”

22. Whitney is going to win.

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