Top 10 Reasons We LOVE Being Inside...

Leave it to those beauties from FIT4MOM Chicago to remind us that heading indoors is AWESOME and we can still have just as much fun and get an AMAZING workout even in an enclosed space!

We loved FIT4MOM Chicago's Top Ten list, but we've created our own! As we head inside (beginning in November), here are FIT4MOM Ashburn's "Top Ten Reasons Why We Can't Wait to Head Indoors" for the fall and winter:

10. Bathrooms are nearby during the ENTIRE class!

9. If it starts to rain/snow/sleet during class, it doesn’t matter! We’re safe and sound inside!

8. Need to bring your child’s entire Frozen character collection to class? No problem. We’ll have a place to put it so you don’t have to keep it all in your stroller!

7. New games! We’ve got big space and we cannot lie – LOTS of new things to do in both indoor locations!

6. Leave your sunscreen, bug spray, bug repellent, sunglasses, fans, cooling pads & misting fans at home!

5. The only random people staring at you are most likely 55+ (at the Sportsplex!) and just love the cuteness of your kiddos! Plus, they’re super nice and might even want to babysit… (hey, just a thought!)

4. No trying to avoid construction vehicles, construction workers, or pedestrians! Run, jog or power-walk without slowing down for uneven surfaces!!

3. Walls. Wall sits. Wall sits with a chest press. Wall sits with shoulder raises. Wall sits until you can’t sit against a wall any longer. FUN!

2. Chances are running outside with your stroller no longer becomes the best option due to weather, ice, snow, etc. However, running INSIDE and getting additional strength training WHILE bonding with your kiddo, and other mamas, is totally worth it!

… and the number one reason why we can't wait to head indoors (completely stole this from FIT4MOM Chicago).....

1. NO MORE WEATHER UPDATES! No more last minute cancellations! No more checking “an hour before” to see where class will be! We all know I’ve been the worst “Weather Girl” ever so I’m happy to retire from that position until next spring!

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