Top Tips to Stay Cool at Stroller Strides

It is officially the start of summer and we’ve already experienced some pretty toasty mornings at Stroller Strides!

Looking for some ideas to beat the heat? We’ve got you covered, mamas! Check out these tips for keeping you and your little ones cool during class! Thanks to our instructors and the mamas at Fit4Mom Newport and Fit4Mom Little Rock for their recommendations.

• Put those mismatched socks to use: Freeze a waterbottle and stick it in a sock before you leave for Stroller Strides. During class, put it in the stroller next to your little ones to keep them cooland sweat-free! The waterbottle will stay cool all class and the sock will make sure it’s not too chilly against their skin!

• Climate-control your stroller: Take a frozen gel pack, wrap it in a dish towel, and stick it behind your little one’s back to keep them cool. Just like the sock idea above, the towel will provide a buffer so your little ones don’t get too cold! Another recommendation from Eliza, one of our instructors: Geleeo cooling pads, which fit on the inside of your stroller. They typically cost around $50, but Eliza said they sometimes offer discounts on certain colors (Right now, they are running a 25% off special on the champagne-colored one.).

• Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: Make sure both you and your kiddos are getting plenty of fluids! If you are nursing, try to nurse before and after class so your little one stays hydrated. For non-nursing kiddos, offer them something to drink whenever you grab water. Another great tip from Jess K, one of our instructors: bring one bottle of water to drink during class and a second bottle (frozen or partially frozen) for after class. The heat will work its magic and you’ll have a nice bottle of ice water ready to enjoy!

• Squirt bottles and fans: Bring a clip on fan, misting fan, or squirt bottle to give you and your little one a cool breeze and a little sprinkle between stations! The dollar store will often have these in stock, but you can also find them online for $10 or less.

• Ice towels: Take a wet washcloth, fold it, and put it in the freezer overnight. Fill a Ziplock bag with ice cubes and stick your frozen towel inside before leaving for class. As the morning starts to heat up, grab your frozen towel for a quick cool down and stick it back in the Ziplock bag so it stays cold.

• Chilly pads: Similar to the ice towels, these cloths are great for a quick cool down! Once they’re wet, they stay cold for hours. If they warm up, all you need to do is re-wet them and shake them out. There are some on Amazon for about $10.

• Frozen fruit: Stick some fruit in the freezer overnight and toss them in a Ziplock bag before heading to Stroller Strides. Your (bigger) little ones will love these “mini popsicles” (Just make sure they save some for you after class!)! Grapes, blueberries, watermelon…oh the possibilities!

Stay cool, mamas, and we’ll see you at class soon!!

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