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You Rock

Today was our Moms Rock specialty class – a Stroller Strides® class that took on a slightly different format. Instead of singing songs to the kiddos, the moms were motivated by some great tunes (c/o female artists) and of course, one another. It’s always fun to change things up and try something new!

One piece of class that remained the same was our opening warm-up and introductions – at a Stroller Strides® class you can expect a “circle warm-up” and a chance to introduce yourself, your kid(s) and you have to answer an ice-breaker question. Keeping in line with the Moms Rock theme, I asked participants to finish the sentence “I rock because…” The answers were related to why you rock as a mom, why you rocked in your pre-mommy life, or anything else to give us a glimpse as to why you rock as a woman!

I could see the wheels turning as we made our way around the circle. Even providing a response for myself was difficult (and I had thought about this ice-breaker question all morning!)… but why is it so hard to acknowledge our personal accomplishments? Why is it so difficult to take one moment and recognize all that we do, have done, or are doing for ourselves and our families?

There were a variety of responses today, ranging from personal business ventures to degrees earned to travels and culinary feats. Let me just say, these moms ROCK. Not only do they rock in their Mommy lives, but they rocked before they were mommies, too. So, even if you weren’t at class today and didn’t answer our ice-breaker question, give yourself a chance to think about your own response.

Then smile. You are deserving of recognition for all that you are, all of your past achievements and all that you will accomplish in years to come. You are amazing.

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