Week 6

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I’m down another pound this week which is good news. I really want to focus on getting the extra workouts into my schedule this week.

Today’s workout involved fighting our gremlins. We each wrote down four things that we struggle with on four separate post it notes. Mine were making smart choices when eating out, drinking water, eating enough snacks during the day, and getting in additional workouts during the week.

Lindsey Body Back Week 6.png

It’s funny, because at the beginning of this program, I never would’ve thought that getting in workouts would be the hardest part for me. I thought it would be the food. I’ve always been able to get into a gym routine and workout pretty much daily but I also always ate whatever I wanted which is why I never experienced any weight loss. Things are different now that I have my daughter. It’s hard to prioritize myself and so easy to get into a mindset of not wanting to spend any time away from my daughter. I know it’s important to spend time with her but it’s also important that I take care of myself. I need to work on balancing those two aspects, especially now that the nutrition portion seems to be working.

Regarding the nutrition, I’ve almost exclusively stayed with the recipes in the books provided to us. I’m not a picky eater and eat everything except fish (there are two salmon recipes that I don’t plan on trying). My absolute FAVORITE recipe is the protein smoothie. I have that for breakfast on my body back days and if I’m being honest, I’ve even had it for dinner on nights my husband is working a 12 hour shift and I don’t want to cook anything. :) It’s so easy to make because the ingredients are simple and it just gets thrown into a blender.

Luckily I haven’t really gotten tired of the recipes even though I’m making the same things over and over again. I know I can venture out and research more recipes but I don’t want to spend the time to do it. And if I know these recipes work, why change things, right?

At the end of our workout we took four post it notes (three from someone else and one of our own). Our task was to read the gremlin and come up with a solution.

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I think the solutions are great and will definitely help me fight through the gremlins. Looking forward to Thursday!

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