Week Five: Day 2

Lindsey_Week 5_Day 2.png

Today we worked with partners which I really enjoyed. It’s never a competition but it does push me a little more to know that someone is depending on me to finish the exercise. The ladies in my group are very supportive and friendly so it helps to have them there as we motivate each other to keep going. The stations were three minutes today, the longest we’ve ever done, so I definitely appreciated having the extra cheerleader.

I’ve been staying up much later than usual this week as I have a lot of work to do with my new job. I can tell my body is not well rested. I don’t feel bad necessarily, but I just feel sluggish. It’s proof to me about how important sleep is to a healthy body and to weight loss. I’m curious to see if this will affect my results on the scale next week.

I’ve been very good with my meals and food journal but still struggle to get those extra workouts in. I keep blaming it on the new job and want to spend every free minute I have getting things organized for that. I know my health should be the top priority but I can’t seem to get out of the “work, work, work” mentality. In my last post I wrote that I hoped this week would be less hectic. Guess what? It wasn’t! :) And it probably won’t ever be “less hectic.” So it’s up to me to set the priorities and stick to them. I come first, not my job.

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