Week Four

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8/25 - Week 4, Day 1

I’m only down one pound this week but any loss is a good loss in my book. Kim said I might hit a small plateau this week because of my numbers last week (-5lbs). Also, while I’ve been making smart food choices, I didn’t stick to the recipe book as I had in previous weeks and went out to lunch a few times with colleagues. I’m hopeful things will continue in the right direction as I stay disciplined with both food and exercise plans.

Today’s workout was all about working together to get stronger and that’s exactly what we did. Together everyone achieves more (T.E.A.M.) and we were able to complete our two minute stations by encouraging one another and even challenging one another.

We’re officially halfway through the program and I’m feeling great! In addition to having my clothes fit better, I just feel better. I have more energy, focus, and determination. I can do this!

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