Week One


7-27-15 - First Birthdays & My Body

My daughter turned 1 year old today so my excuses were up. It’s time to get my body back. I’ve been hesitant to work out because I wanted to meet my one year breastfeeding goal. This may have been just more of an excuse for NOT working out but I didn’t want my supply to drop.

Suzy selected me to participate in the Body Back® program and blog about my experience. Today marks the first day of being MINDFUL of what I’m eating. My goal is to drink more water and cut out added sugar. I want to make healthy food decisions.


8/3 - First meeting with Kim

Our group met at Wegmans to get a quick overview of the nutrition aspect and discuss the details for the first workout. Kim, our trainer/coach, gave us booklets that include recipes as well as a food journal. Kim says that “abs happen in the kitchen” so nutrition is just as important (if not more important) than the workouts. One of my goals of the 8 weeks is to train myself to eat better. It’s always been easy for me to workout. I can schedule time to go to the gym or go for a run in the mornings but I’ve never really paid much attention to my diet. I know it’s important to eat fruits and vegetables and stay away from sugar and processed foods but I’ve always just eaten whatever I want and this is a change I need to make.

8/4 - Week 1, Day 1

I didn’t sleep very well last night because I was afraid I would sleep through my alarm. Surprisingly it was pretty easy to get up at 5am but I think some of that was the nervousness/anxiousness of starting something new.

I arrived a few minutes before 5:30am and found everyone set up in the parking lot. Turns out Kim’s key didn’t work and we couldn’t get inside. We adapted and were able to warm up and complete some of the pre assessment exercises on our yoga mats. Luckily one of the employees arrived around 6am so we finished things up inside.

I was surprised to see that I’m “only” 10lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight. I thought for sure it was more just based on how my clothes fit. I know your body changes after baby but I thought my change was just the extra weight - maybe other things have shifted or expanded. :) Can’t wait to see the after to this before picture!

Pre-baby I was pretty active, going to the gym everyday, a half marathon runner, a cross-fitter, etc. It’s been so long since I have done anything remotely close to working out so the pre assessment exercises were really eye opening for me. Push ups, sit ups, planks, and burpees all became very difficult. My second goal for this 8 week session is to double (at least) what I was able to do today.

I’m looking forward to this 8 week journey with this great group of women!

Homework: Create a vision board to remind me WHY I’m doing this.

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