Week Six: Day 2

Lindsey Body Back Week 6_3.png

We were back at the Nova MedSpa today due to weather issues. We ended up just playing cards and starting fires, figuratively and literally. We had a deck of cards workout. Each card was assigned a specific exercise and once that card was pulled we had to do 20 reps. Today was probably one of my favorite sessions because I was thinking about how easy this would be to do at home or if I only have a short amount of time to workout. I can pick my own exercises and draw cards to keep things fresh for each workout.

In terms of starting fires, while it wasn’t an actual fire, the fire alarm did go off, several times, as there was a crew there testing the system to ensure it was working properly. Trust me when I tell you that the Nova MedSpa has a more than sufficient alarm system! It was so loud and of course startled us each time it would go off without warning. Luckily it only went off during the workout and not while we were doing the relaxation exercise at the end!

A lot of the exercises we did are the same ones that were part of the first day fitness evaluation. We did burpees, planks, push ups, and sit ups (and many more!). I can’t remember exactly how much of everything I did during the evaluation (I know Kim has it written down), but I know I’ve dramatically improved and I feel so much stronger!

It’s hard to believe that there is only two more weeks left!

Homework: Post a video or photo of a 50 second plank and 45 burpees.

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