Week Three

8/18 - Week 3, Day 1

Last week I was able to meet my personal goal of getting in two additional workouts and it paid off on the scale! I’m down five more pounds! I was pretty shocked that I lost that much in one week but it’s proof that watching what I eat really makes a big difference. Kim thinks I might hit a plateau with the weigh in next week so we’ll see what the scale says.

The workout today was a large circuit of 13 different exercises. We went back to the one minute intervals (my favorite) and added in a stair run after every four stations. At each station Kim had a print out describing some of the not so great ingredients in so many foods today. It was hard to read some of them because it meant coming to terms with some of my favorite foods like breakfast cereal. Most cereals contain high levels of sugar and/or GMO corn which has been found to cause tumors in rodents and kill farm animals……..reading that makes it pretty easy to stay away.

I can tell I’m getting stronger. I can hold plank longer and do more push ups. My endurance is also improving as I can do more burpees and mountain climbers. All of this added strength and weight loss means that my pre-preggo clothes fit! Yay! This is actually perfect timing because I just started a new job and didn’t want to have to buy an entirely new wardrobe. Of course I bought a few new things…...who can say no to shopping?!?

The meal plan creation and photo taking has helped me stay on track with the food. It helps having a meal plan so I don’t have to think about what to make. That work is already done and because I planned in advance, I know all of the ingredients I need are at home and ready to be used. Seeing everyone’s photos of their meals has given me some ideas of other healthy dishes I could make. So far, I’ve pretty much stuck to the recipes in the books and haven’t ventured out (mainly because it’s extra work to research different recipes). I think I’ve made almost everything in the recipe books so I’ll need to get some new ones for next week.

Homework - Post a picture of the ingredients list of one of your favorite foods.

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