Week Three: Day 2


Almost halfway through the program! To celebrate (or to make us hate her), Kim prepared a really intense workout. :) We didn’t make it to Hillside Park because of bad weather so we were indoors again at Nova MedSpa. Today it was all about strength and realizing that you’re stronger than you think you are. It’s easy to let those thoughts inside your head “it’s too hard” or “I can’t do it” or “I’m not strong enough.” All of these thoughts create a mental block and then your body believes it. The truth is, it’s not too hard, you can do it, and you are strong enough. Everyone knows the saying “no pain, no gain.” Obviously you have to be mindful of pain while working out and not over do it but unless you get out of your comfort zone and feel a little pain (and push through the mental block) you won’t make any gains.


Kim is great about saying the right things just at the right time, usually at the point when I want to give up and come out of plank or let my legs drop from a reverse crunch. Having her (gently) push me just a little longer, just a little higher is exactly what I need.

I didn’t make a personal goal this week. I just wanted to keep up with my food journal and get my four workouts in. I was definitely tested though. As I wrap things up at my current employer for my new job, several colleagues wanted to go out to lunch. Eating out is hard work! I feel like I have enough information to make a smart decision but sometimes it’s hard to really know what the best choice is. I think I did a good job of staying on track even though I didn’t stick 100% to the meal plan I created.

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