Week Two


8/11 - Week 2, Day 1

I was looking forward to the weigh in today because I have been really watching my food intake and making smart choices. The food journal makes this process easy. I could tell that my body was different. If it didn’t show it on the scale, I knew it would show in inches. And…...I lost 3lbs! It’s a huge confidence boost to see the numbers going down and knowing that the work you’re putting in is paying off. Numbers aren’t really a big deal for me. I don’t have a goal weight in mind and I don’t have a goal weight loss in mind. I just want to feel better and have my pre-pregnancy clothes fit (which obviously equates to weight loss but I’m not going to be eagle-eyeing the scale).


Today’s workout felt like “leg day.” We did a lot of exercises that focused on the legs like squats, stair running, and lunges. Of course there were arm exercises and ab exercises too. It’s great that all of the movements combined equal a full body workout. And the one minute intervals are difficult, but certainly not impossible. I especially enjoy doing exercises that incorporate more than one muscle - like squats with a bicep curl or core strengthening with cardio. These types of exercises help reduce the amount of time needed to workout which is key when I’m doing them on my own because as most moms are, I’m BUSY!

Homework - Think about the things you tell yourself you CAN’T do and think about ways to change that mentality.

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