Week Two: Day 2

Yes we can! At the beginning of the session everyone said their “I can’t” phrases. We all found similarities in them - I can’t finish the workout because it’s too hard or I can’t get up early because I’m too tired. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to those two excuses, right? Kim read a quote from Henry Ford that really stuck in my mind: Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” It’s so important to have your mental game right before you can move forward with other things.

I’m typically a very positive person. I believe that positive thoughts lead you to be surrounded by positive people. If you want something, you’ve got to put that positive energy out there. I know it kind of sounds “new age” or “crunchy” but I really believe this. Never dwell on the negative, always focus on the positive.

I’m also a very goal oriented person. If I set a goal, it’s unlikely that I won’t make it. I’ve committed myself to this 8 week program. I’ve committed myself to eating healthy for 8 weeks (and beyond). And while it’s only the end of the second week, I’m still going strong and have no intentions of giving up or slacking off.


Now on to the workout! Just when I thought I was getting the hang of the one minute exercise intervals Kim changes it up and we go for two minutes! While it sounded hard at first (and it was) I think my body was ready to be pushed a little more and do something different. I noticed how I felt stronger. I was able to do more push ups, hold a plank a little longer, and push through the discomfort I felt.

My personal goal between now and next Tuesday is to fit in workouts. Obviously it helped that I was active on my lunch break last week and took the walks but if I really want to see more results, I’m going to have to do higher intensity workouts. I’ve never really worked out at home. I enjoy going to the gym and taking classes. My favorite class is zumba because I love music and dancing. I still have my gym membership even though I can’t remember the last time I used it, so it’s time to start taking advantage of that and making those monthly payments worth it. Wish me luck!

Homework - Make a meal plan for the week and post pictures of the meals you’ve created.

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